Parking Ticket Payment: City of Reno parking tickets may be paid in the following ways:

Pay Online: click the button below

Pay by Phone: Call the Neighborhood Services Office at 775-334-2293 and use your Visa or MasterCard to pay by phone M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pay in Person: Visit the Neighborhood Services Office at City Hall on the 12th floor at 1 E. First Street, with cash, personal checks, money order, cashiers check or your Visa or MasterCard. Hours are M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mail in Payment: Mail a personal check, money order or cashiers check made payable to City of Reno, to the City of Reno, Attn: Parking, PO Box 1900, Reno, NV 89505.

Permit type costs are not available at this time
Code Description Amount
6.30.460(A) Parking Meters: Overtime $20.00
6.30.130(A-15) Stopping/Standing: Failure to Obey Sign $50.00
6.30.130(A-16) Stopping/Standing: Double Parking $35.00
6.30.130(A-2) Stopping/Standing: Blocking Public or Private Driveway $30.00
6.30.130(A-5) Stopping/Standing: On a Crosswalk $30.00
6.30.130(A-9) Stopping/Standing: Within 50' of Rail Road $30.00
6.30.150(A) Method of Parking: Wrong Way / Within 18" of curb $30.00
6.30.180 Unattended Motor Vehicle: On Grade $75.00
6.30.220 Parking in Alleys $25.00
6.30.240(B) Stopping/Standing: Red Zone $35.00
6.30.290 Stopping/Standing: Yellow Zone / "Loading Zone" $25.00
6.30.310(A) Limited Parking: Period Specified $25.00
6.30.330 (A-1) Parking for certain purposes: Display for Sale $30.00
6.30.330(A-5) Parking for certain purposes: Storage / Dead Storage / 48+ Hours $80.00
6.30.400 Handicap Parking $250.00
6.30.420 Improper Registration $30.00
6.30.430(D) Display of License Plates: Ficticious Plates $75.00
6.30.450 Residential Parking Permit $100.00
6.30.130(A-1) Stopping/Standing: On a sidewalk or parkway $30.00
6.30.130(A-10) Stopping/Standing: Within 20' of a driveway entrance to fire station $35.00
6.30.130(A-11) Stopping/Standing: Alongside or opposite hwy excavation or obstruction $35.00
6.30.130(A-12) Stopping/Standing: Alongside vehicle for purpose of conversing $30.00
6.30.130(A-13) Stopping/Standing: On bridge, elevated structure, or hwy tunnel $30.00
6.30.130(A-14) Stopping/Standing: Within 5' of Driveway $30.00
6.30.130(A-3) Stopping/Standing: Within Intersection $30.00
6.30.130(A-4) Stopping/Standing: Within 15' of Fire Hydrant $45.00
6.30.130(A-6) Stopping/Standing: Within 20' of a Crosswalk $30.00
6.30.130(A-7) Stopping/Standing: Within 30' of Traffic Signal $30.00
6.30.130(A-8) Stopping/Standing: Within Safety Zone or within 30' of Zone $30.00
6.30.130(B) Stopping/Standing: Move vehicle into prohibited area $30.00
6.30.130(C) Stopping/Standing: Oversized Veh. in District 1 w/o Permit $45.00
6.30.130(D) Stopping/Standing: Oversized Veh w/o Permit $30.00
6.30.130(E) Stopping/Standing: Vehicle containing 2,000 + gallons of gasoline $75.00
6.30.130(F) Stopping/Standing: Vehicle to introduce fuel into tank or storage $45.00
6.30.140 Stopping/Standing: Hazardous Places $30.00
6.30.150(B) Method of Parking: Within Markers $25.00
6.30.160 Method of Parking: Angled Parking $25.00
6.30.170 Unattended Motor Vehicle: General $25.00
6.30.190 No Parking Between 2 A.M. to 6 A.M. $25.00
6.30.200 Parking Adjacent to School $20.00
6.30.210 Parking Upon Narrow Highway $35.00
6.30.260 Bus/Taxi Parking Zone $25.00
6.30.270 Bus/Taxi Standing Zone $25.00
6.30.300(B) 24 Minute Parking $10.00
6.30.310(B) Limited Parking: Parking Hours Posted $10.00
6.30.360 Service Parking / Hooded Meter $30.00
6.30.390 Special Parking Restriction $20.00
6.30.430(A) Display of License Plates: Front and Rear $45.00
6.30.440 Parking on Sidewalks or Public Parks $45.00
6.30.460(B) Parking Meters: Over the line/markng $15.00
6.30.470 Parking in Fire Lane $75.00
6.30.480 Parking Obstructing Fire Hydrant $250.00
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