Residential permit applications can now be submitted online for review. Sale for Fall 2020 permits begins June 15, 2020. Click permits button at the top of the page to continue.
If you have any questions or need assistance with application contact Parking Services at 775-334-2293 or email

Parking Ticket Payment: City of Reno parking tickets may be paid in the following ways:

Pay Online: click the button below

Pay by Phone: Call the Neighborhood Services Office at 775-334-2293 and use your Visa or MasterCard to pay by phone M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pay in Person: Visit the Neighborhood Services Office at City Hall on the 12th floor at 1 E. First Street, with cash, personal checks, money order, cashiers check or your Visa or MasterCard. Hours are M-F, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Mail in Payment: Mail a personal check, money order or cashiers check made payable to City of Reno, to the City of Reno, Attn: Parking, PO Box 1900, Reno, NV 89505.

Code Description Amount
6.30.460(A) Parking Meters: Overtime $20.00
6.30.460(B) Parking Meters: Over the line/markng $15.00
6.30.130(A-15) Stopping/Standing: Failure to Obey Sign $50.00
6.30.130(A-16) Stopping/Standing: Double Parking $35.00
6.30.130(A-2) Stopping/Standing: Blocking Public or Private Driveway $30.00
6.30.130(A-5) Stopping/Standing: On a Crosswalk $30.00
6.30.130(A-9) Stopping/Standing: Within 50' of Rail Road $30.00
6.30.130(D) Stopping/Standing: Oversized Veh w/o Permit $30.00
6.30.150(A) Method of Parking: Wrong Way / Within 18" of curb $30.00
6.30.150(B) Method of Parking: Within Markers $25.00
6.30.180 Unattended Motor Vehicle: On Grade $75.00
6.30.220 Parking in Alleys $25.00
6.30.240(B) Stopping/Standing: Red Zone $35.00
6.30.290 Stopping/Standing: Yellow Zone / "Loading Zone" $25.00
6.30.310(A) Limited Parking: Period Specified $25.00
6.30.330 (A-1) Parking for certain purposes: Display for Sale $30.00
6.30.330(A-5) Parking for certain purposes: Storage / Dead Storage / 48+ Hours $80.00
6.30.400 Handicap Parking $250.00
6.30.420 Improper Registration $30.00
6.30.430(D) Display of License Plates: Ficticious Plates $75.00
6.30.450 Residential Parking Permit $100.00
6.30.130(A-1) Stopping/Standing: On a sidewalk or parkway $30.00
6.30.130(A-10) Stopping/Standing: Within 20' of a driveway entrance to fire station $35.00
6.30.130(A-11) Stopping/Standing: Alongside or opposite hwy excavation or obstruction $35.00
6.30.130(A-12) Stopping/Standing: Alongside vehicle for purpose of conversing $30.00
6.30.130(A-13) Stopping/Standing: On bridge, elevated structure, or hwy tunnel $30.00
6.30.130(A-14) Stopping/Standing: Within 5' of Driveway $30.00
6.30.130(A-3) Stopping/Standing: Within Intersection $30.00
6.30.130(A-4) Stopping/Standing: Within 15' of Fire Hydrant $45.00
6.30.130(A-6) Stopping/Standing: Within 20' of a Crosswalk $30.00
6.30.130(A-7) Stopping/Standing: Within 30' of Traffic Signal $30.00
6.30.130(A-8) Stopping/Standing: Within Safety Zone or within 30' of Zone $30.00
6.30.130(B) Stopping/Standing: Move vehicle into prohibited area $30.00
6.30.130(C) Stopping/Standing: Oversized Veh. in District 1 w/o Permit $45.00
6.30.130(E) Stopping/Standing: Vehicle containing 2,000 + gallons of gasoline $75.00
6.30.130(F) Stopping/Standing: Vehicle to introduce fuel into tank or storage $45.00
6.30.140 Stopping/Standing: Hazardous Places $30.00
6.30.160 Method of Parking: Angled Parking $25.00
6.30.170 Unattended Motor Vehicle: General $25.00
6.30.190 No Parking Between 2 A.M. to 6 A.M. $25.00
6.30.200 Parking Adjacent to School $20.00
6.30.210 Parking Upon Narrow Highway $35.00
6.30.260 Bus/Taxi Parking Zone $25.00
6.30.270 Bus/Taxi Standing Zone $25.00
6.30.300(B) 24 Minute Parking $10.00
6.30.310(B) Limited Parking: Parking Hours Posted $10.00
6.30.360 Service Parking / Hooded Meter $30.00
6.30.390 Special Parking Restriction $20.00
6.30.430(A) Display of License Plates: Front and Rear $45.00
6.30.440 Parking on Sidewalks or Public Parks $45.00
6.30.470 Parking in Fire Lane $75.00
6.30.480 Parking Obstructing Fire Hydrant $250.00
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